Uniting people for health and wealth since 1994

PRANJAL BARUAH , Ashoka Fellow

Founder General Secretary

A journey extraordinary – Bringing superfood Mushroom to message while transforming lived of grassroots farmers.

Deep Grassroot connection and trust with farmers ensures large-scale participation of farmers.

World class mushroom development technology (SPAWNS, MUSHROOM SUBSTRATE, QUALITY CONTROL) expertise, Local, National & International market Experiences.

Partnerships INITIATED to leverage large – scale indigerous MUSHROOM farm produce (Price, Banana, Tapioca..) for blends.

Achieving Economic Independence and Nutritional Fulfillment of Marginal Farmers.

Waste to Livelihood and Health!

Socio-economic survey, sensitization, farmer selection, capacity building & training, infrastructure, seed mony as mushroom growing/spawn bags, Area level Federation with value chain and business plan along with market Linkages.

Health : Protecting the right of citizens to healthy and nutritious food.

Wealth : Protecting the right of indigenous farmers to fair revenue share and sustainable livelihood with social security.

Employment & entrepreneurship : Generating employment for youth and creating entrepreneurial opportunities for all through cultivation, processing and manufacturing at local level.



Mushroom Cultivation and Marketing Strategy

Pursuit for Doubling Farmers Income & to Reduce malnutrition

Know About Mushroom

Nutritional Fulfillment of Marginal Farmers.

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